The climate-smart Day Creams hydrate and
protect the skin with the highest quality
blends of pure water from the French Alps
with humectants, emollients, and/or occlusives.

These ingredients make up the base of a moisturizer and are
commonly called functional ingredients. We call them Climate
Energized Beautifiers™ because that’s exactly what they are. They
keep your skin moist, soft, and flexible in any climatic condition.


These cutting-edge Climate Energized Beautifiers™ are selected to help advanced moisturizing agents, such as small, medium, and large Hyaluronic Acid molecules, penetrate deeper into the skin and lock-in moisture without clogging pores.

About 90% of skincare is made of water and functional ingredients, so Pour Moi uses top-tier moisturizing agents to complement active anti-aging ingredients and support skin in various climates.